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In love with that elegant smile, Mesmerized by your dainty agile.. Smitten with your stark girdle, Bewitched by your dark circle eye… - Your Friend

Well, I didn’t know dark circles love my eyes so much!! Hate withstanding these dark fantasy cookies I have under my eyes, so now I have to figure out ministrations for it.

Undoubtedly the moon also has spots but unlike the moon, I do possess the potency to treat those spots. Watching another episode on Netflix late- night or toiling for your dreams are just a few of the many reasons you might develop those dark circles.

Our eyes are one of the most attractive features of our face and it is important to take care of them. Bright and healthy looking eyes give you a youthful look. Whereas, dark and baggy eyes make you look tired and older than your age. We will look for some remedies to treat them but before going to the treatment of dark circles we need to crack some answers as to why do we get them.


1) The skin under your eyes is extremely thin due to which the vessels underneath tend to show their hue on the surface thus at times giving a bluish tincture under your eyes.

2) Aging is another reason for dark and tired eyes. With the progress in age, this skin layer thins down and the underlying fat shows up giving a baggy and tired look.

3) Deep set eyes can give the appearance of dark circles. The overarching bonny structure or the orbit casts a shadow over your eyes which may tend to make your under-eye area dark.

4) Bad habits such as rubbing of the eyes can cause the pre-mature aging or damaging of the skin under your eyes thus blackening the under-eyes region.

5) Fatiguing of the eyes for prolonged screen time and not wearing glasses even though your doctor has asked you to can deeply cause baggy and dull eyes

6) Dehydration, Iron deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and genetics are also some reasons for getting dark circles. Over consumption of alcohol and smoking are also harmful to the under-eye area.

7) Too much exposure to the sun can cause the breaking down of collagen under your eyes thus imparting a dark saggy under-eye area.

People flood the internet with the questions of dark circle curing creams but it is vital to understand that getting rid of them completely might just be possible and not completely possible. There are no such ointments or procedures to cure this problem out-and-out. Having patience is a must in this. Curing hyper-pigmentation under the eyes can be productive but again instant cure for them is a myth. Our approach should always be to first look for the cause of our dark circles. Tear troughs, allergies or having deep-set eyes don’t have a particular cream to cure your dark circles. Intending to dark circles we can keep in mind some DO’S AND DON’T’S that might be helpful.


1) Putting on sunglasses that also cover your under-eye area is a must if you already have prominent dark circles. Don’t forget to mask your under-eye area with sunscreen because they are really beneficial in reducing the breakdown of collagen which prevents the darkening of your under-eye area.

2) We tend to forget our under-eye area while moisturizing our face. Using a simple fragrance-free, and colourless cream for your under-eyes can be friendly to the delicate thin skin.

3) Cutting down on your caffeine intake in the form of tea and coffee might be beneficial. You may instead consume green tea in moderate amounts. There is a perk of including green tea in your diet. Once you have prepared the green for yourself, take the soaked green tea bag and put in on your eyes for 5 minutes. This can relieve you of 80% of your exhausted and baggy eyes. Staying hydrated will bless your entire body.

4) Managing your screen time might seem next to impossible in today’s world where even the basic things are acquiring a niche online. Make sure to relieve your eyes for at least 2-3 minutes every half an hour you sit in front of the screen. Take time to look away from the screen and blink at a go for a minute and see green leaves for soothing your eyes temporarily.

5) Refrain from rubbing your eyes, it might not only cause pigmentation under your eyes but also create fine lines and wrinkles.

Treating Dark Circles

As mentioned earlier there are no exact creams to rid you of dark circles however there are some creams containing agents that help in the lightening of your under-eye area. Let’s have look at them


Constituents such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Retinol, and lactic acid in creams can reduce the hyper-pigmentation of the under-eye area.

1) RETINOL: Having wrinkled, creasy, and dark under-eyes can be cured by a cream that has Retinol in it. Retinol aids in the buildup collagen thus mitigating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2) VITAMIN K: This reduces the bluish appearance of your under-eye area caused due to prominent blood vessels. Look for Vitamin K in your under-eye area cream to help in this.


# CHEMICAL PEELS: These are done under the supervision of a dermatologist and require at least 8-10 sessions to get the results. In this treatment, chemicals such as glycolic acid, Kojic acid, and mandelic acid are used in mild concentration to shed off the pigmented under-eye skin. The new skin which comes out appears to be fresher and not as much pigmented as earlier.

# LASER TREATMENT: This also calls for multiple sessions because the under-eye area is very sensitive. Nd:YAG laser is used for this treatment. It requires 4-5 sessions.

# FILLERS: This is helpful in filling the tear troughs if you have any with the use of hyaluronic acid. This fills in the tear troughs and makes the grove appear smaller and can impart a rejuvenated appearance instantly. This, however lasts for 12-15 months and you may have to get them refilled.

# PLATELET RICH PLASMA THERAPY: In this treatment, your blood is taken and is centrifuged. Blood platelet concentration is reduced from your blood and this I injected under your eyes. This helps in rejuvenation of the under-eyes and cuts down creases.

Going for under-eye creams is fine for those who want to see results in lesser time. Apart from those creams and chemical-based remedies, there are also some home remedies that work well to reduce the darkness and puffiness under your eyes. This can be added to your daily routine or even alternatively hydrate your under-eye area.



This is not going to take you any effort or time for preparation.


1 grated potato.


Make 2 balls of this grated potato and place them on your eyes.

Leave the cakes on for 20 minutes.

Remove them and wash your eyes and it’s under an area with cold water.

While you do this, you may look very funny but the anti-oxidant properties of potato will hydrate your skin and reduce puffiness.

Press it a little bit to ensure that it is stuck to your eyes.

You may sit with a towel to wipe off the juice that tricks down from this cake.

You may do this when you go to bed every alternate day.


You will require only 3 products for this that I’m sure you must already be having at home.


1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel

2 drops of Vitamin E oil

3 drops of Almond oil


Just mix the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate it for 30 minutes then apply it under your eyes gently using your ring fingers.

You may leave it on or wash it off as per your choice.

The Aloe vera gel will soothe your skin.

The Vitamin E oil and the Almond oil will moisturize your under-eye area.

You can apply this cream at night or during the day.

Just make sure you have thoroughly cleansed your under-eye area before using this.

Making a generous quantity of this cream and storing it in a glass jar in the refrigerator will save you a little bit of time if you want to use it every day.

Patience will be your best in using this DIY. You will definitely see results in 2 weeks and feel your under-eye area to be youthful.


1) Replenish the need for water in your under-eye area by placing some cucumber slices on your eyes.

2) Remove cosmetics such as kohl and eyeliner as soon as you come back home.

3) Don’t skip wearing your pair of spectacles that the doctor has recommended you.

4) Wear sunscreen

5) Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and to shrink the dilated blood vessels.

You may use camouflage such as concealer and primer as a quick-fix. Remember to moisturize your skin before applying concealer and primer or else they will form creases in your under-eye area.

Take a night of good sleep and do not overwork yourself. Your hard work reflects on the body you possess. Try not to reflect the toil in your under-eyes. Stay hydrated and beautiful!!

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