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From outfit to essentials - everything you need for gym

Are you thinking about going to the gym from tomorrow but every-time you procrastinate because you don’t have the perfect outfit? Well here is a nice and easy solution to your problem.

Here are some very easily available outfits for different body types. We will also be covering some general tips and essential items which are useful for everyone.

1. Fat-body type – Women with fat body type are very conscious of the clothes they choose to wear. Also, in fact, people who are fat sweat more than thin people. Therefore always choose some-what loose clothes and select the material wisely, it is always a good option to wear polyester or semi cotton as both have good absorbent qualities.

Quick tip for fat body type – Keep another set of sports bra so if you sweat a lot, you would not want to go home all drenched up in a sweat.

2. Medium-body type – Women with medium body types are most common of all. While choosing an outfit for you, remember what exercise you have to do and choose clothes accordingly. You can go wearing a tracksuit, or a simple t-shirt with yoga pants. Even a pair of shorts will work out fine for you. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight especially on your thighs or your chest area as it can cut the blood flow and as a result, you can face conjunction.

3. Thin-body type – Women with thin body types are also somewhat careful about their attire. You should go for just a sports bra and a pair of joggers. Also if you have a thin body type your main focus would be to gain weight and you would be doing a lot of lifting of weights, therefore always choose clothes that are stretchable enough. As a result when you squat you would face no difficulty.

Quick tip for thin body type – If you are too conscious to wear the same clothes in the gym and on the way home. You can keep a sweatshirt with you.

Different body types can have different goals for fitness. Always keep in mind the fitness goal you want to make and choose clothes so.

Therefore here are some general things which everybody type can keep in mind while going to the gym.

For upper body

You have to choose clothes which are both comfortable and effective. Always wear a sports bra while going to the gym, as they do not only give comfort but they also are made in such a way that your chest won’t feel choked or you will not have any difficulty while breathing. These are some points that should always be looked upon carefully because the effects can be fatal health-wise if you don’t choose your closet wisely.

Also, if you are uncomfortable in going just in the sports-wear you can wear a crop t-shirt or a thin sweatshirt.

Tip – Always try your gym clothes first at home before directly wearing it to the gym.

For lower body

For your lower body, you can have many options. A lot of women prefer going in joggers or trousers, but again keep in mind the exercise you are supposed to do. Always choose a stretchable cloth it will help when you squat or even when running.

Tip – If you want a perfect cloth for your lower-body, choose yoga pants. As these are already meant for exercising and they have all the qualities which are necessary like

  1. Soaking sweat

  2. Are resizable and stretchable which is also useful if you have gained weight and looking forward to joining the gym again

  3. Yoga pants are also easily available at no costly price

One other and rather a fun moment is when you have a bet with your friend about “Who will eat the cake first”, you can eat and your pants will adjust itself! Just kidding ;)

Well, your gym outfits also call for a change with the seasons

1) Summer: Since you will be already covered in sweat, wear cool and breathable clothes to the gym. Polyester will be good enough in this case.

2) Winter: During the workout, your heartbeat rate will increase and you will also feel warmer with time, so dress yourself up in layers. By doing so, you can remove your insulators first and keep up your body temperature. Remember to cover your ears and head so that you may not catch a cold.

3) Wet season: Don't allow wet weather to stop you from working out. You may wear your usual workout clothes inside but cover yourself in synthetic jackets and pants.

Some other essentials for the gym –

When we talk about the outfit it does not only include clothes but it also includes some other essentials.

1. Carry a sipper – If you are going to the gym, you already know you will be all tired and thirsty. It is better to always keep a sipper with you as it can also be refilled and you would not have to ask for water to someone else.

2. Carry a bag/purse – Women don’t generally go out without a bag or purse anyways. But yes, do keep a bag with you and the important items which should be a part of your gym. Add chocolate so if you overdo some exercise and feel sudden faintness or low blood pressure, a chocolate or a power bar will bring back your energy instantly. Another useful supplement is banana as it is also rich in protein and gives energy instantly. Keep a napkin, a hand towel, face wipes as well as a face wash to keep up your face clean, away from all the bacteria and sweat.

3. Sports shoes – Do not wear any other footwear if you are going to the gym, always wear nice and comfortable shoes which give you no difficulty in running and make sure it has good friction on its sole.

4. Face mask - As everyone now already knows about the importance of covering nose and mouth for protection from viruses and bacteria, ensure that you take the same with you while going to the gym and coming back. Also, make sure you do not wear them while doing exercises, this is because wearing a mask while exercise will shrink the size of your lungs. Wearing a mask during exercise will also act as a barrier to airflow, which can lower the oxygen levels in the re-circulated air.

4. Know your self – Every person has a different tolerance to physical activities. Also individual sweats at different rates and smell differently. Therefore it is important for you to know if you smell too bad after working out. It is better if you keep a handy deodorant with you while going to the gym.

5. Phone and music – If you are so much in love with your playlist and so much not in love with loud music at your gym then do not forget to take your Bluetooth headset or earphones with you.

So these were all the essentials needed to start a perfect gym day.

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