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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

These days hair problems are one of the major issues that are faced by the people right from their early twenties, there can be several underlying issues which results in premature greying, bald patches, hair fall, dry damaged hair and many more. Food, hormones, atmospheric pollution, lifestyle, stress, illness are the main reasons for hair loss in younger people.

Most of us do not have time to follow a proper healthy haircare in the midst of our hectic routine. Neglecting health and proper hair care can lead to a lot of problems. Therefore, it is mandatory to find time for yourself and adopt habits that can lead to healthy hair.

To ease out your burden, we can always go back to the traditional remedies suggested by our grannies and mommies, so here are some ways through which you can have healthy hair even when your calendar is packed, and you are super busy.


Fenugreek seeds are used as a ‘secret ingredient’ in the manufacture of various herbal hair care products like oils, serums, shampoos, and hair masks. It has potassium and nicotine acid which makes hair follicles stronger. Fenugreek seeds helps in Hair Growth, hair strength, hair shine, softness, itchy scalp, repair damaged hair naturally, and hair conditioning. It reduces Hair Loss, Excess Hair Oil, Scalp Problems, Dandruff, Premature Hair Graying, and Split Ends.



  • 100 ml of coconut hair oil

  • One tablespoon full fenugreek seeds

  • One tablespoon full black onion seeds (kalonji)


All you need to do is coarsely grind fenugreek seeds and black onion seeds separately.

Take the mixture in a pan and add coconut oil to it(you can also use a double boiler method for heating). Now heat this for an hour or so on low flame and after that let it cool down. Finally use a strainer to pour out the liquid and wallah its ready to use.



  • Fenugreek seeds

  • water

  • turmeric

  • aloe vera gel


Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight. The next day put them in the grinder and add some water to it. Now make a thick fine paste, and put this paste to the pan, and boil it on low flame (make sure consistency remains thick and does not appear to be runny). Add a pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon aloe vera gel to this stir well and turn off the flame. After it cools down, apply this paste to your scalp. After 30 minutes rinse off with cold water.


  • You can apply this hair oil and hair mask twice or thrice a week depending upon your need.

  • Massage this hair oil on your scalp in a round circular motion and wash it off with mild shampoo(make sure you don't use harsh products containing sulfates and parabens). Apply conditioner as it locks down the moisture in your hair.

  • Don't wash your hair with hot water instead use cold water.

  • Do not rub your hair recklessly with the towel, gently dab your hair to get rid of water.

  • Wet hairs are more prone to breakage, comb your hair with wide tooth comb once they get dried completely.

  • Limit the use of hairdryers, straighteners, and other styling products as they damage your hair up to great extent.

  • Your diet contributes a lot to the well being of your hair. Make sure you get the right of amount proteins and vitamins in your meals.

  • Biotin helps a lot in hair treatment, so increase the intake of curd, nuts, sweet potato, and other food supplements which are rich sources of biotin.

  • Indulge yourself in some physical activity or workout regime and avoid mental stress.

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