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Charming hairstyles are profusely an eye candy. Fashioning your hair gladdens you as much as dressing up in your treasured dress. Heating tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hair tongs are a blessing to myriads who like experimenting with their hair. These tools undoubtedly give your flawless hair style and you would want to flaunt it. But with this, comes the gift of hair damage that you wouldn’t want to flaunt. They have serious consequences such as the dehydrating of hair and imparting frizz and split-ends. You lose the natural texture of your hair and once they are gone, it is tough to regain them.


Naturally present keratin, protein, and hydrogen bonds are responsible for the hydration of your hair. The use of heat on the hair causes them to break down and disrupt the texture of your hair. You must have definitely felt the dryness in your hair after straightening them and thereafter washing them. The shine and gloss that you see in your hair after styling it, is due to the breakdown of these hydrogen compounds. Our intention here is to walk you through the tips that will reduce your exposure to 100% damage from these hair styling tools.


1) FIGURE OUT THE TEXTURE OF YOUR HAIR: There is nothing better than knowing your hair texture before using any hair styling tools on it. Find out the texture and thickness of your hair, this will help you understand the enduring capacity of heat. If your hair is thinner then use the styling tool in a lower heat setting. This will prevent the over-traumatizing of your hair.

2) SHIELD IT: Now when you’ve found out the texture of your hair, prepare your hair for getting the heat by shielding it with a heat protectant spray or gel. Doing this reduces the chances of extreme dehydration of your hair and thereby cutting down the supply of frizz. You will also get an added shine as a bonus and give your tresses a smooth look. Hair serums also do the job well but depending solely on this will not suffice as you have to care for your hair all throughout.

3) SAY NO TO WET HAIR: Time is a big factor these days. Everyone has to rush somewhere and want the desired hairstyle at the same time. In this hustle, we have been tempted to blow-dry our hair while its still very moist. Straightening or curling it while it is still wet can cause the hair to sizzle and break and cause split ends. Our hair is at its most vulnerable while it’s wet so this is the time when you have to let them air dry to its max and not directly use heat. On blow drying your hair straight away, you step out from the shower can dehydrate them. Instead of locking in the moisture, your hair will become frizzy and dry. It might seem easier to style our hair while it’s moist but you are doing it at the cost of your hair texture and once you lose your natural hair texture, it will be sturdy to get them back.

4) WHILE YOU ARE USING THE TOOL: Start from a lower heat setting. This will prepare your hair from getting burnt all at once. Do not redo a section more than twice. This might have sounded unsatisfying in the desire to get your favourite hairstyle but try reducing the redo of the sections. Whether you use a curling iron or a flat iron, do not keep it in one place for more than 3-4 seconds. This will save you from burning the texture of your hair. While using a blow dryer, keep it at least at a distance of 6-8 inches from your hair.

5) HAIR MASK: Invest in a hair mask during weekends. After enjoying the week and torturing your hair, don’t you think it is a must to show them some love? Deep conditioning can help you here. Pamper your hair by applying some warm coconut oil and wrap a hot towel around your hair. This will help replenish the hydration of your hair.


Since you have used hair styling tools you are probably acquainted with the damages it does. Once it gets damaged by heat, it can lead you to the point where you would wish to chop them off but the length might be a thing you don’t want to lose. Depending on the degree of your hair damage there are some home remedies you can try to rejuvenate and restore your hair. The ones we have mentioned-below are easy and quick remedies that you can try on weekends to get soft hair.



1 Medium-size Banana

2 Tbsp of Almond oil

2 Tbsp of Argan oil


Put all the above in a blender and blend it into a paste. Apply it to your tresses, put on a shower cap and let it sit for half an hour. Then wash it off with a shampoo.

The banana will soften your hair and help with the frizz. It will strengthen your hair and save you from hair fall. Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, magnesium, and omega fatty acid that will repair your hair damage and assist hair growth with additional silk and shine. Argan oil reduces frizz and split-ends. Argan oil is a light oil and can be used more often than other hair oils.






Mix the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl and spread it on your hair. Let it rest for half an hour and then wash it off with a shampoo.

The lactic acid in yogurt hydrates the hair and rids you of frizz. It also clears out the dead skin cells that otherwise clog the hair follicles. Olive oil will help in getting a natural shine and softness.


1) Invest in a good hair styling tool. You might be using a styling tool for many years now but it is important to upgrade the older ones with the newer ones because the newer versions have special technologies that protect your hair and the ceramic plates also work well that do the work in lesser strokes.

2) Out of the many hairstyles if you wish to straighten your hair on a particular day then use a hairbrush and blow dryer prior to straightening your hair. This will save you from the excessive damage from your straightener.

3) Keep your shower temperature low because hot water can damage your hair and also cause hair to fall. Hot water also opens up your hair roots more than needed thereby aggravating hair fall and breakage.

4) Organic shampoos and conditioners have more weightage than chemical-based ones in terms of hair rejuvenation. Paraben-free shampoos and conditioners not only do they work well but reduce the degree of hair damage from chemical-based products. After shampooing your hair, soak out the excess moisture from your hair on a cotton towel and then apply the conditioner at the length of your hair. Pop on a shower cap while your conditioner is working on your hair.

5) Use a silk pillow cover. One of the eye candies that hair styling tools show is the temporary shine and gloss they leave on the hair. There are ways in which we can get shiny and soft hair without using hair styling tools and too many chemical-based products. Using a silk pillow cover charges your hair strands and gives them natural shine and softness.

Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair it is always a good idea to learn how to nourish and style them while keeping them in their original texture. If you want to use hair styling tools you should definitely give them a try because life is all about taking risks but do so while keeping utmost care of them. Keep a regular haircare routine to save yourself from extra damage. Give your hair the love they deserve and remember that self-confidence never goes out of style no matter which hairstyle you wear.

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